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La malle aux accordeons

Repair parts

Accordion repair and spare parts: bass/treble buttons, wax, valves, leathers, sound deadening felt, bellows tape, pins, tools...

Repair parts There are 144 products.


  • Buttons

    Spare buttons for accordion repair

  • Button felts

    Sound deadening felts for accordion buttons

  • Reed Leathers/Valves

    Accordion reed valves (or leathers) play an important part in the sound produced by your instrument. Worn reed valves create unwanted noise that interfere with the original sound, especially noticeable when playing pianissimo. When one or more reed valves are damaged, each of them may need to be replaced to fix the problem.
    On older accordions, it may be necessary to replace all reed leathers at once. The complete removal and replacement of reed valves is a long and delicate process, requiring patience and dexterity (from 8 to 25 hours depending on the accordion).
    Valve replacement is carried out in several stages: - Removal of reed-bearing plates (nail or screw removal, accordingly). - Removal of worn reed valves. - Complete reed clean-up. - Reed adjustment. - Selection of leathers according to their width and responsiveness in both push/pull motions (the process of selecting the best leather valves for given reeds may require prior experience). - Mounting of new valves. - Trimming of valves if necessary. - Mounting of reeds as per original (wax, nail or screw). - Thorough testing once the reed block is complete and ready.
    This valve replacement process tends to affect tuning, and as such, this type of restoration work is generally followed by a complete tuning of the accordion.
    We are experienced craftsmen in accordion restoration. If you wish to entrust us with the restoration of your reeds or their tuning, please contact us to request a free quote.

  • Bellows Seals/Tape

    Bellows tape serves to protect bellows from abrasion. Once the tape is worn out or damaged, it should be replaced as quickly as possible. Here is a selection of the most common bellows tapes used for accordion repair. The process of replacing bellows tape is carried out according to the following steps: - Removing worn strips, and cleaning up any glue residue (often the most time consuming) - Cutting new tape strips - Gluing the strips (soft glue designed for fabrics) before sticking them to the bellows. - Aligning the strips with each other. Further trimming may be necessary. - Pressing the bellows. As specialized craftsmen in the art of accordion repair and restoration, we can carry out the replacement of your bellows tape. Free quotation at our workshop.

  • Shoulder Strap Closures
    Strap mounting brackets are used to add shoulder straps to an accordion that doesn't have any installed, as is the case with the older Hohner 2915. They can also serve to change an accordion's ergonomics. For instance, it is quite common to add a single strap mounting bracket to a concert accordion for improved holding and handling. Strap brackets are fixed using simple screws, or by piercing the box to lodge a bolt (included) that will serve to secure the closure in place.
  • Bellows Closures/Straps

    Bellows straps are used to close the accordion for safe transport or handling. Most accordion models feature such fastening hardware, but some don't have any installed. In those cases, it is best to place a screw-in system, much easier to install. If you need to replace a worn bellows strap, it is also best to use one that is identical to the old one, provided that you find the same size (there are so many of them!). Otherwise, you can fill the hole left on the accordion's box before mounting a screw-in system over it. Please note that before screwing into the accordion's box, you should first make sure that nothing stands in the way so as to avoid damaging any other components located inside.

  • Repair Tools

    Featured in this category are tools specially designed for accordion repair. This selection is however non exhaustive, considering that many of the tools used in the profession are tailor-made by repairers or tuner-technicians themselves. In this section, you will find tools designed for screwing buttons, as well as for waxing and nailing purposes. We also sell metal parts and spring steel gear that will allow you to make your own tools per your own requirements.

  • Bass Straps/Brackets

    Since there are many types of strap mechanisms, it is recommended that you recover the components of your current strap system and reuse them for securing the new strap, while cutting the latter to the corresponding length if needed. Straps are sold with their own matching rivets. Unlike accordion shoulder straps, which are easy to replace, bass strap replacement requires more time. If you do not have any accordion repair specialist in your area, you could ask a professional cobbler to install the strap for you. You will also find straps with Velcro adjusting closure, which are very handy for diatonic buttons accordions with no adjustment mechanism (e.g. Hohner 2915). For these models, we also offer adjustment systems designed to adjust your current strap (lengthier installation). Accordion strap brackets and fixing parts. All accordion parts can be found on our website. Fast, secure shipping to any location.

  • wax, pins & screws

    An accordion reed block refers to a set of reed-bearing plates mounted to a block using pins (traditional French method), wax (traditional Italian method), or screws (Cavagnolo's current method). Featured in this product category are spare parts designed to help you mount new or existing reeds - or to repair reed blocks thoroughly in the case of complete accordion restoration.

  • Feet/Legs

    An accordion is equipped with feet on which it can sit to prevent nasty scratches from appearing on its case. Not having those protective feet can also lead to the deterioration of your accordion's leathers.  Here are different types of accordion feet to be used if the ones on your accordion are worn, or if you need to elevate the latter following the installation of a thicker, more comfortable strap on the left hand. If your accordion's feet are damaged, make sure that the mounts located under the right hand plate are in good condition, as the shocks sustained by the feet will tend to spread around it as well. It is therefore very important to ensure that the feet are free of any weaknesses to avoid any further damage.

  • Accordion Tulle Fabric
    The Tulle is used to mask the air inlets of the accordion, filter dust, and possibly add a visual effect.
    When renovating an accordion, after having cleaned and dusted the instrument, it is essential to install a new Tulle if the old one is damaged, peeled off or has holes.
    The Tulle is glued on the back side of the accordion grid, as well as on the back side of the left hand plate.
    For gluing, after having removed the old tulle and cleaned the remains of glue, we glue the interior part of the grid with a transparent fabric glue, then we put the tulle on it. The tulle is then held in place if necessary using pliers or any other means.
  • Accordion Pallets

    Felts and leathers used to replace or repair accordion pallets. Replacing the felts will restore the optimum level of compression, and limit mechanical noise on old accordions. For optimal compression result, it is important to check for any other sources of air loss (bellows seal, box, bellows...).

  • Bandoneon Parts
  • Music/Software
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Showing 1 - 18 of 144 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 144 items