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La malle aux accordeons

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  • Accordiola

    French accordion brand having ceased production a few years ago.

    Renowned for their high quality, some of their instruments still stand out today.

  • Audio-Technica

    Established in 1962, Audio-Technica is a Japanese brand that creates high-performance microphones, headphones, wireless systems, mixers and electronic products for home and professional use worldwide.

  • Ballone Burini

    The popular Ballone Burini brand, now known as FBB, is an accordion maker based in Italy.

  • Beltuna

    Beltuna is an excellent Italian accordion manufacturer that is still very much active today.

    The brand still designs remarkable technical innovations and offers a wide and comprehensive range of diatonic and chromatic accordions .

  • Bertone Locatelli

    Super Locatelli was a small size Italian accordion factory.

    The instruments of the brand are now quite rare, and some models have a very unusual design.

  • Bonifassi

    Bonifassi is a French distribution brand specializing in accordions.

    The instruments are produced in Italy and sold in France by Mr. Bonifassi.

  • Borsini

    Borsini became a benchmark in the world of accordion crafting.

    Created in 1922, the factory became well known for the quality of its free bass / converter accordions, and especially so among jazz and classical accordionists.

  • Castagnari

    Castagnari is a long-time, famous Italian accordion brand specializing in solid wood, compact diatonic and chromatic accordions. The Castagnari factory crafts mostly top of the range instruments that are praised worldwide for delivering quality on all aspects (reeds, sound, finish, size, weight, ergonomics).

  • Cavagnolo

    Cavagnolo is an accordion factory created by Domenico Cavagnolo in 1904. The brand quickly established itself in the French market to become one of its leading accordion makers. Nowadays, Cavagnolo still produces stunning accordions in the vicinity of Lyon and enjoys professional-grade fame both nationally and internationally. 

  • Crucianelli

    Crucianelli is a former Italian accordion brand that is still traded in the second-hand market today.

  • E. Soprani

    E. Soprani is an accordion manufacturer that produces the mechanics and reeds in Italy, then mounts the parts in Asia before finishing the instruments back in Italy.

    This brand produces accordions that are more reliable and of better quality than accordions made in China, such as the Hohner Nova, for an equivalent price.

  • Excelsior

    Excelsior is an accordion brand that is still in business today.

    It is a long-time Italian manufacturer, first established in the USA in 1924, before joining the city of Castelfidardo (Italy) in 1948.

  • Fisart

    Fisart is a major accordion maker that crafts its instruments in Italy.

    The Fisart range is well studied to cover various needs and includes a few highly successful models.

  • Fratelli Crosio

    Excellent brand of Italian accordions which ceased production back in 2008. Fratelli Crosio stood out with high quality manufacturing in the years 1950-1965, before specializing in more standard models in the following years, with some entry-level models introduced in the 90s.

  • Giulietti

    Giulietti is a renowned Italian accordion brand that produces a range of high quality instruments.

  • Marinucci

    Marinucci is a former Italian accordion manufacturer.

    While all of the instruments from the brand that are still found today are old, some are of remarkable quality.

    Some well maintained models have stood the time of time and remain in excellent condition for their age.

  • Martinelli

    Martinelli is an Italian accordion manufacturer.

    The brand specializes in chromatic button and piano accordions.

  • Maugein

    Maugein is a leading French accordion manufacturer. Maugein's factory produces its accordions in Tulle, in Corèze.

    As an authorised dealer of Maugein, we are able to offer both ready-made and made-to-order instruments.

  • Mengascini

    Mengascini is a major Italian accordion manufacturer which started production back in the 1970s and which has received worldwide praise ever since.

    The brand is still very much active today and produces most notably piano, chromatic button and diatonic button accordions, to a level of quality that places it among the most popular brands worldwide, be it in the beginner, intermediate or professional market segments.

  • Musictech

    Musictech is a leading digital accordion brand based in Italy.

    Located in Castelfidardo, the international accordion capital, the company provides the majority of Italian accordion brands with internal sound and midi systems.

  • Paolo Soprani

    Paolo Soprani is one of the most prestigious and oldest accordion brands, establishing itself in Castelfidardo in 1864.

    The manufacturer most notably produced a lot of accordions for the world market in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

  • Paul Beuscher

    Paul Beuscher is an accordion brand founded in 1850.

    Today, Paul Beuscher has switched to the distribution side. As such, the quality of their instruments may vary from one period to another.

  • Perle d'Or

    Pearl Gold is a former Italian accordion brand that ceased producing accordions a while ago. Perle d'Or was renowned for its high quality craftsmanship.

  • Piermaria

    Accordion brand based in Italy, producing quality Piano and Chromatic accordions, still running and active today.

  • Pigini

    The Pigini brand is a benchmark for quality Converter Bass Accordions. Pigini accordions are made in Italy, in a factory that combines modernity with outstanding traditional craftsmanship.

  • Roland

    Digital accordions / squeezeboxes by the popular digital instrument maker Roland

  • Royal Standard

    Royal Standard is an accordion manufacturer based in Eastern Europe.

    The brand specializes in entry-level, first-price instruments.

  • Saltarelle

    “La Malle aux Accordéons” is an exclusive dealer of Saltarelle accordions for the south of France.

    As such, we continuously offer a comprehensive range of Saltarelle accordions, with in-store demos and rental options for most of them. We offer a 5 year warranty on all Saltarelle accordions.

  • Savoïa

    Savoïa is a former accordion manufacturer, equivalent to the high-end range of Hohner forty years ago.

    Italian made, and of good quality, their instruments may often be quite heavy. Some rare models are mounted with very high-end reeds.

  • Scandalli

    Scandalli is an Italian accordion manufacturer with centuries-old expertise.

    The brand makes converter accordions mainly for jazz and classical music.

    Scandalli accordions are used in music schools around the world.

  • Soprani Fratelli

    Soprani Fratelli is a former Italian accordion factory.

    The brand has distinguished itself from 1951 to 1981, particularly with the production of high-quality chromatic button and piano accordions.

  • Titano

    Titano is an Italian accordion brand (based in Castelfidardo).

    The factory is mainly focused on the American market and produces mostly piano accordions.

  • Verde

    Verde is an Italian accordion brand, still in business today.

    Verde manufactures mainly chromatic button and piano accordions.

  • Weiltmeister

    Eastern European accordion brand, specializing today mainly in entry-level piano accordions.

    Weiltmeister is the oldest accordion manufactory in the world, crafting accordions since 1852.

Showing 1 - 18 of 35 items