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The Pigini brand is a benchmark for quality Converter Bass Accordions. Pigini accordions are made in Italy, in a factory that combines modernity with outstanding traditional craftsmanship.

Created in 1946, the Pigini accordion factory has over the years become the most favoured brand in prestigious schools of classical and jazz music throughout the world.

Pigini converter accordions, which allow accordionists to play free-bass, have set the standard for mechanical reliability and tonal richness.

Their broad range of accordions allows any musician to find the instrument that fits their repertoire needs, as well as the ergonomics and tonal qualities they seek.

From small compact models to the prestigious Nova, all boasting breathtaking richness of tones, the discovery of the Pigini range is an exciting adventure to embark on, where not finding one’s accordion is near to impossible.

The brand was able to combine outstanding craftsmanship with technological innovation to offer astoundingly precise, high-quality instruments.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 65 items