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Cavagnolo is an accordion factory created by Domenico Cavagnolo in 1904. The brand quickly established itself in the French market to become one of its leading accordion makers. Nowadays, Cavagnolo still produces stunning accordions in the vicinity of Lyon and enjoys professional-grade fame both nationally and internationally. 

The brand is particularly renowned for the unparalleled ergonomics, exclusive technology, and extraordinary compression of its accordions. Cavagnolo definitely knows how to combine tradition with modernity. Its factory has recently made a name for itself with many innovations in the digital accordion market. These innovations gave birth to the Digit accordion range. As for acoustic accordions, the brand has also broken new ground with its new range named New Tech.

These accordions use carbon-fibre sound boxes, making them both light and sturdy, while retaining the Cavagnolo accordion’s famous curves.

In addition to these recent innovations, several unique features have made Cavagnolo stand out over the last 40 years:

 - A ball-based reed valve system that brings unmatched compression to these designs.

 - Lightweight keys providing unmatched comfort thanks to the ball-based reed valve system.

 - Curved left-hand manual for improved ergonomics.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 23 items