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    The Pigini Skywalker is an ideal study chromatic accordion for early learning. Thanks to its compact design and its mere 5 kg in weight, it is suitable for children aged 5-6. It can also be used by adults seeking a lightweight instrument.

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    A small, compact 72-bass accordion suitable for children who ought to be using a quality instrument for study.

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    A compact, lightweight model for accordionists aged 8-108!

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    A lightweight and accessible 120-bass chromatic button accordion with 2 right-hand voices. Also available with a 96-bass left-hand manual. Particularly appreciated by musicians who seek a light, yet powerful instrument for roaming performances or to accompany a singer.

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    Pigini has made this button accordion out of a piano accordion’s box, for those who cherish the sound of piano accordions but prefer the beneficial ergonomics of button instruments. This model is also suitable for tall, slender musicians looking for an instrument that is most adapted to their body shape (less depth, more balance).

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    The Pigini Acc Pro 52 is the ideal chromatic button accordion for an adult who seeks to study using a musically rich and versatile instrument.

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    The Pigini Eclipse is a 3-voice accordion with low octave reeds in tone chamber, all packed in a compact and lightweight box (<10 kg). A truly awesome instrument.

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    The Super Variété model features 2 tone chambers and a wide sounding range (similar to the legendary Cavagnolo Vedette 10 in the past). This model is intended for popular music, or as the name suggests, for a large variety of repertoires, owing to its many registers (15 on the right hand and 5 on the left hand).

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    The Arabesque is certainly the lightest of all double tone chamber accordions on the market! Weighing a mere 10 kg with a 39 cm box, it is particularly favoured by accordionists who seek an instrument that combines sound quality, musical options and compactness. This model is a showcase of Pigini’s splendid feat of musical engineering.

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    The Pigini Super King 5 is among the world’s very few 5-voice accordions. It allows a great variety of register combinations and the possibility of having different tunings on the same instrument.For this reason, this model is rarely in stock as it usually fits a special order.We are at your disposal to customise this order with you.

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    The Special V is a double tone chamber accordion crafted using the box of a piano accordion. This endows it with stunning tonal qualities and ergonomics, otherwise not found on a standard button-fitted model.

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items