La malle aux accordeons

Tremolo: voices tuned apart.

Tremolo is the sound effect produced when two identical notes have a slightly different pitch.

If these two notes (voices) are tuned exactly the same, we will hear only one voice, with a sound volume twice as high and a slightly different tone.

If one of the two notes is tuned slightly higher or lower than the other, an acoustic vibration effect will be heard. This phenomenon is known as thetremolo effect.

As this effect depends solely on the tuning performed on the instrument, it is possible to modify the amount of tremolo on any given accordion.

Below are the main accordion tuning types, from dry to wet:

  • Dry tuning: both reeds are tuned exactly the same as each other (no tremolo).
  • Demi swing: the difference is hardly noticeable.
  • Swing: often used on diatonic button instruments for traditional music.
  • American: very versatile, this tuning is both warm and moderate enough to be drier than musette. This is the standard tuning for Cavagnolo accordions.
  • Celeste: This tuning is generally used on Italian accordions.
  • Musette: As the name suggests, this tuning is used to play musette. It can be enhanced by adding a third voice, the lower tremolo, tuned slightly lower than the basic clarinet voice. This register switch is commonly referred to as “authentic musette” or “super musette”.

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