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Spare parts

Accordion repair parts: bass/treble buttons, wax, valves, leathers, sound deadening felt, bellows tape, pins...

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  • Buttons

    Spare buttons for accordion repair

  • Button felt

    Sound deadening felts for accordion buttons

  • Reed Leathers/Valves

    Accordion reed valves (or leathers) play an important part in the sound produced by your instrument. Worn reed valves create unwanted noise that interfere with the original sound, especially noticeable when playing pianissimo. When one or more reed valves are damaged, each of them may need to be replaced to fix the problem.
    On older accordions, it may be necessary to replace all reed leathers at once. The complete removal and replacement of reed valves is a long and delicate process, requiring patience and dexterity (from 8 to 25 hours depending on the accordion).
    Valve replacement is carried out in several stages: - Removal of reed-bearing plates (nail or screw removal, accordingly). - Removal of worn reed valves. - Complete reed clean-up. - Reed adjustment. - Selection of leathers according to their width and responsiveness in both push/pull motions (the process of selecting the best leather valves for given reeds may require prior experience). - Mounting of new valves. - Trimming of valves if necessary. - Mounting of reeds as per original (wax, nail or screw). - Thorough testing once the reed block is complete and ready.
    This valve replacement process tends to affect tuning, and as such, this type of restoration work is generally followed by a complete tuning of the accordion.
    We are experienced craftsmen in accordion restoration. If you wish to entrust us with the restoration of your reeds or their tuning, please contact us to request a free quote.

  • Bellows Gaskets/Seals
  • Attaches pour bretelles.
  • Bellows Closures/Straps
  • Accordion Repair Tools
  • Courroies main gauche...
  • cire, clous et vis...
  • Feet/Legs
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Showing 1 - 18 of 27 items